Outdoor Kitchens

The trend of outdoor kitchens is here to stay.  People are now transforming their backyard into a mini cottage retreat. This whole process is almost like building a house to some degree. You will need various contractors such as a gas technician, electrician, masonry person, landscaper, plumber, etc.  To ensure your ideas are smoothly executed, all contractors must work together to ensure that the:

  1. Barbeque is installed properly in its casing
  2. Electrical is installed in the right areas 
  3. Gas line is sized adequately to supply the barbeque 
  4. Design is functional.

Communication between the consumer and the contractors is the most important thing!!! Communication between contactors is equally important!!!

    1. Ensure that all contractors get a copy of the barbeque installation guide. It is very important because all specifications of gas, electrical, and cut out dimensions are listed.     
    2. You have a right to ask questions.  As the home owner you should be aware of what each contractor is doing.  Find out why they are installing the electrical outlets in specific areas, why the gas line is being installed in a certain way, is there an access box to get to the gas or waterline. If you are curious or have doubts, ask these questions early otherwise it may be too late once the work is done.
    3. Look at the design and function of the area.  It is very important.  It must be practical so there is easy access to each accessory such as fridge, beer dispenser, sink, side burner, sear burner, etc.  You donít want to have to change the location of an accessory later because itís installed in an unpractical place.  When looking at the design, also think about the location of the built-in.  You might want to build it away from direct sunlight or maybe you want to make a statement and install it in middle of the yard.  It all depends on your needs and wants.

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